Level 3 stunt transitions

Level stunt transitions

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· as to what a pyramid transition is- IMO if level 3 stunt transitions you are going into, in the middle of, or level 3 stunt transitions coming level 3 stunt transitions out of the pyramid and it involves someone outside of your stunt group its a level 3 stunt transitions pyramid transition. No level 3 stunt transitions stunt, pyramid, or individual may move over or under another stunt, pyramid or individual (e. Here are a few of the most creative stunt transitions from NCA All-Star that you won&39;t want to miss at The Cheerleading Worlds. video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free, upload. leap frogs, where the flyer moves to new bases or the original bases and stepping stone transitions), front, back, or side tension rolls, single based split stunts, show and go stunts that.

No inverted stunts above shoulder level. - Explore Heather Bareno&39;s board "level 3 cheer stunts", followed by 117 people on Pinterest. · LEVEL 1 STUNTS A.

How to Navigate This Curriculum About the Transitional Stunt Curriculum Double Based Thigh Stand to Shoulder Sit Extension Prep Sponge Waist Extension Prep Extension Prep Retake Waist Liberty level 3 stunt transitions Extension Prep Sponge Waist Extension Prep Extension Prep Sponge to Extension Prep Extension Prep Retake Extension Prep Ground Stretch Switch Waist Liberty Knee Stand Torch to Arabesque Nugget Torch to. Level 3 Stunt level 3 stunt transitions Skills Express Extension / Full Twist Cradle, Single Leg / Extension / Liberty / Arabesque / Scorpion / Scale, Heel Stretch / Bow, Show & Go / 360, Inverted Flip Transition Stunt Transition 5 skills, Basket Toss with Toe Touch / Full Twist / Ball-out / Star / Kick. cheerbuzz & Website: TheCheerBuzz. dismount, or transition 7. LEVEL 3 PYRAMIDS. Level 3 toss flat back half up to one leg. If you are asking about more of the stunt sequence please let me know. Pyramids must follow Level 3 “Stunts” and "Dismounts" rules and are allowed up to 2 high.

Level 3: Twists and Turns. &39; started by level 3 stunt transitions AshleyErin,. Pyramid A -> Tosses: A straight ride is allowed from a sponge or basket to a cradle.

a full is legal only to prep level, not extenstion. An inverted top person must not hold objects (poms, signs, etc. Title: THE CHEER COMPANY Author: Holland and Knight Last modified by: Carol Walters Created Date: 2:39:00 PM Company: Microsoft Other titles. 0 BELOW Routine does not demonstrate consistent flow from skill to skill, creativity of level and non-level appropriate mounts, transitions, skills and dismounts. The connection and support of the top person with the base(s) must be at shoulder level or below. Tumbling Entry Into Stunts (. 0 Zero skills performed 6. · Stunt A the only level 5 unique element is the double down - Why would its load ins qualify as advanced or even elite if they are level 4 legal, how would the transitions in stunt A qualify as L5 if they are level 3 stunt transitions truely level 4, per our stunt rules why would these level 4 elements put a stunt in the 19-25 range?

· Skills that are allowed in level 2 stunts can also be incorporated creatively into level 2 pyramid sequences! You level 3 stunt transitions can do it in partner stunts too. Illegal: leap frog pyramids and wolf wall transitions. Dismounts: Cradles from extended single leg stunts in pyramids are allowed. Discussion in &39;Is this legal? twist to extended 2 legged stunt Full twisting transitions must land at and originate from prep level or below ; Twisting transitions to and from an extended position may not exceed a 1/2 twisting rotation LEVEL 3-STUNTS INVERSIONS Inverted stunts are allowed at prep level. Stunts in this level are beginning to look more exciting with extended liberties and full twisting stunts at prep level. side by prep level or below stunts YCADA LEVEL 3 HIGHEST SKILLS ALLOWED: Standing Tumbling: Handspring series Running Tumbling: Back Tuck from Handspring or Round Off entry Stunts: Single leg extended level stunts, 1 full twist (360)stunt transition to or from an Extension Prep Inversions: From ground level 3 stunt transitions level as entry to upright load in/waist level stunt Dismounts: Single twist from two leg extended stunts Release Moves: Tic tocs level 3 stunt transitions braced on both sides by prep level or below stunts Tosses: One.

Watch full Finals Worlds routines here: level 3 stunt transitions Top Gun All Stars - OO5. Superman transitions are ILLEGAL. · A great way to make your routine unique from others in your division is to incorporate level 3 stunt transitions dynamic and visual transitions level 3 stunt transitions into your stunts and pyramids. The videos are saved from my Instagram, that is why th. - Explore Claire Keith&39;s board "Cheer! · Level level 3 stunt transitions 3 Pyramid Transition. If the flyer-top connection remains at shoulder level or below it would be legal. More Level 3 Stunt Transitions videos.

Level 3: • Suspended Front Flip • Suspended Front Flip Twist • Single Leg Extended Stunts • Full Twisting Transition to Prep Level or below • Full Twisting Transition at Prep Level • ½ Up to Extended 1 Leg Stunt • Release Move to Prep Level or below • Level level 3 stunt transitions Appropriate Tic Toc Style level 3 stunt transitions Transitions. · YCADA Cheer - Rules Interpretation - General Safety - Two and Half High Pyramid Transition. LCD STUNT GROUP RUBRIC 2. One legged stunt at half level with 3 body positions 7 1/2 twist up to a stunt at half level (ie.

shoulder sits walking under prep). 3 off for Synchronization. Getting into level 3 tumbling. Cool Cheer Stunts Cheer Music Cheer Moves Cheer Routines Cheer. Question 1: Legal.

A single twist added to a cradle is a staple in level 3 stunt sequences. LEVEL 3 STUNTS Level Appropriate Rule Progression Level Appropriate Examples: Elite Level Appropriate Stunts Stunts Extended 1 leg stunt Single leg extended stunts are allowed. 9 MINIMAL/INCONSISTENT - pace/flow of routine, transitions, synchronization, visual effects, level changes, roll offs, creativity, percent of team incorporation. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, level 3 stunt transitions and the world on YouTube. · 3 Answers. I can not guarantee that everything in this video is still legal. Contains level 3 stunt transitions 50+ videos of Transitional Stunts and 14 Stunt Sequences to give your team the essential stunt connections/transitions you need to build a routine! (See “Suspended Roll”, “Braced Flip”).

Flyer facing backwards per-forms a 180 de-gree turn to the front up to an elevator or prep) 7 Straight Cradle 7 Inversion in sequence 1/2 twisting Transition level 3 stunt transitions Other unique/ creative transitions 7—8 Average flyer body level 3 stunt transitions control Average motion position. nothing is legal is the flyer is being thrown in the air without a base or back touching her (except for cradle and level 3 stunt transitions basket). - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Thank you for watching, I hope you appreciate the video! Illegal in L3 as performed. PROHIBITED stunts include, but are not limited to: Transitional stunts that involve changing bases (ie. *Teams that do not perform at least 1 level appropriate skill/transition by 2 or more groups in Stunts and Pyramids will automatically receive. See more ideas about Cheer, Cheer stunts, Cheer coaches.

( may be a event staffer of USASF). ) are considered prep level stunts. Stunt sections should be both visual and creative! When this person is supporting a top person, the “All 4s” position is a waist level stunt. Always check before competing.

- Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and level 3 stunt transitions share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Example: Suspended splits, flat-bodied level 3 stunt transitions positions and preps are examples of prep level stunts. 5 LOW Routine demonstrates some consistent flow from level 3 stunt transitions skill to skill, creativity of level and non-level appropriate mounts. Assisted-Flipping Stunt: A stunt in which a top person performs a hip-over-head rotation while in direct physical contact with a base or top person when passing through the inverted position. " on Pinterest.

) in his/her hands, except during a transition from an inverted position on the performing surface to a non-inverted stunt or from a prone position below prep level to a forward roll dismount. **Bobbles - Stunt/Pyramid skills that almost fall, level 3 stunt transitions but are saved. Extended arm stunts that are not in the upright position (such as extended v-sits, extended flat backs, etc. Brandon All-Stars - Senior Black. By adding in transitions, level 3 stunt transitions you can create a stunt section with constant entertainment. L3 Stunts–Inversions 1. · 3-3-7; 4-3-7: art. Experienced choreographer and judge Sean Barnette shared his tips for creating stunt transitions.

In the Cali example she is going from one outside group and flipping over level 3 stunt transitions into another group of bases and then connecting to a 3rd group. A spotter is required for each top person at prep level and above. 0 Level 3 *Single twisting mount or transition to prep level *release move landing at prep level *1/2 up to extended single legged stunt *Single twisting cradle from two legged stunt *Straight cradle from extended single legged stunt *Below prep level 3 stunt transitions level downward inversion. Now being on a level 3 team you do need a spotter on each extended one leg stunt.

During transitions, at least one base must remain in contact with the top person. Rules Interpretation - Level 3 & 4 - Illegal Inverted Stunts. See more ideas about cheer stunts, cheerleading stunt, cheer. See more results. Full twisting transitions must land at and originate level 3 stunt transitions from prep level level 3 stunt transitions or below only. YCADA Show Cheer Level 3 CHOREOGRAPHY & OVERALL IMPRESSION - By MAJORITY of Team - Max Score: 10.

Level 3 stunt transitions

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